To commision a painting, please contact me to discuss your requirements and I’ll send you a quote. If you have a specific budget you’d like to work to, I’ll send suggested formats/medium etc.

Painting a portrait takes a considerable amount of time and committment, so a deposit of 20% is required before the painting can be started.

Price will depend on the size, medium used and the number of individuals in the portrait. Pencil and watercolour starts at around £175, acrylics start at £420 and oils at £490 for a 1 subject portrait.

The difference in prices reflect the processes involved in each painting – acrylic and oils requiring considerably more time to paint and, in the case of oils, dry. They involve the painting of a monotone underpainting with the colour being worked over in layers. However, the acrylic and oil paintings are varnished so, if framed, don’t need glazing. If painted on box canvas, they can be supplied ready to hang, no framing required. Framing of paintings is left to yourself as it is dependant on your personal taste, where you wish to hang it etc.